Specifications for the use of electric hanging basket

Wei Huang
11 min readFeb 22, 2023


Basket operation specification
1. The bearing strength of the supporting suspension mechanism on the top surface of the building or structure shall not be less than 1500 kg/m2. If the suspension mechanism is supported by the embedded parts on the top surface, the safety factor of the embedded parts shall not be less than 3.

2. The power supply used by the hanging platform must be 380V, three-phase five-wire grounded power supply.

3. It is strictly forbidden to use the hanging basket within 10M from the high-voltage line.

4. In severe weather conditions such as rain, heavy fog, heavy snow, and wind speed greater than 10.8m/s (equivalent to gust 6), it is strictly forbidden to lift the hanging platform into the air.

5. If there are roads or passages below the construction area, a warning line or safety corridor must be set up under the hanging basket, and obvious warning signs and safety supervisors must be provided.

6. All kinds of protrusions or obstacles should be cleared within the scope of the lifting operation of the hanging platform, and obvious warning signs should be set up at fixed protrusions or corners, and it is strictly forbidden to open windows that open outwards during construction.

7. During night construction, the construction site should have sufficient lighting, and the illumination should be greater than 150LX, and warning signal lights should be set up in the construction area.

8. When constructing in rainy, snowy or corrosive environments, protective measures such as moisture-proof, waterproof and anti-corrosion measures should be taken for operators, safety devices, electrical boxes, steel wire ropes and life ropes.

9. The operator of the hanging basket must pass the training and examination, master the content and requirements of the equipment instruction manual, meet the requirements of knowledge and meeting, and operate the equipment after the local department has obtained the operating certificate of the hanging basket.

10. The hanging basket should be operated by a special person, and it is strictly forbidden for untrained personnel to operate the hanging basket without authorization.

11. Operators should wear safety helmets and safety belts when working. The self-locking device on the safety belt should be buckled on a separate and firm hanging safety rope fixed above the building (structure). The safety rope must be from a regular manufacturer. For qualified products with three certificates, when the safety rope is used, it must be in elastic contact with the building to prevent wear and tear.

12. Two or more people must operate the hanging platform for the double-machine hoisting platform, and it is strictly forbidden for one person to lift into the air.

13. It is strictly forbidden to work on the hanging basket when you have physical illnesses such as high blood pressure, heart disease, acrophobia, etc., or when you are emotionally unstable or after drinking.

14. Staff are not allowed to wear hard-soled shoes, plastic shoes or other slippery shoes, and it is strictly forbidden to use climbing tools such as step stool shelves in the hanging basket.

15. When the operator completes the work or enters and exits the hanging basket, the suspension platform should be parked on the ground and fixed reliably. It is strictly forbidden to climb the window in the air to enter and exit the hanging basket or climb from one suspension platform to another suspension platform in the suspended state.

16. Baskets that are newly installed, overhauled, idle for one year or suspended in the air for more than two months must be inspected according to safety inspection requirements before use, and can be delivered to use after confirming that the equipment is normal and accepted by the hanging basket maintenance personnel.

17. The minimum distance between adjacent hanging baskets should be greater than 0.5 meters, and the length of each hanging basket platform should not exceed 7.5 meters. If the site needs to be extended for use, it must be verified by the hanging basket manufacturer and the relevant hanging basket maintenance personnel, and there is safety Safety precautions. If the hanging basket is remade on site, it must be approved by the manufacturer and the company’s hanging basket maintenance personnel, and there are safeguard measures.

18. Before using it every day, it must be inspected according to the daily inspection requirements. After the inspection is completed and there is no fault, it can be powered on for no-load test run. Construction work can only be carried out after confirming that the equipment is in normal condition. After working every day, do maintenance according to the daily maintenance requirements.

19. The load in the hanging basket should be kept as uniform as possible, and it is strictly forbidden to exceed the rated load. During normal construction, the load limit of the hanging basket should not exceed 80% of the rated load. It is strictly forbidden to use it with full load for a long time or use it for lifting and transportation for frequent lifting.

20. During the lifting operation of the suspension platform, the steel wire rope should be kept in a vertical state, and the steel wire rope must not be bent, bulged or adhered to mortar debris. It is strictly forbidden to use the safety lock to brake or carry out construction work during lifting.

21. The number of buckles of life rope and wire rope shall not be less than 3, and the direction shall be correct.

22. The rated voltage of other electric tools using the power supply of the electrical switch box of the hanging basket shall not exceed 220V, the total power shall not exceed 3KW, and reliable grounding and zero connection protection shall be provided.

23. It is strictly forbidden to use hanging baskets or wire ropes as welding arc starting or wiring circuits on the construction site. When using the hanging basket for gas welding operations, it is strictly forbidden to place oxygen, acetylene bottles and other flammable and explosive items in the suspended platform. When using hydroelectric welding, pay attention to avoiding the sparks of hydroelectric welding to burn the wire rope. It is strictly forbidden to touch the exposed live welding handle wire and power cord to the hanging basket, so as to avoid electric shock and casualty accidents caused by melting the wire rope.

24. During the normal construction period, the hanging basket should be regularly inspected and maintained as required. The hoist uses 20# mechanical lubricating oil and should be replaced regularly.

25. When repairing or replacing electrical components, the power supply should be cut off first. The maintenance of the hanging basket must strictly abide by the principles of ground maintenance and be carried out by the hanging basket maintenance personnel. When aerial dismantling and inspection must be carried out, maintenance personnel must take reliable safety measures before proceeding.

26. When faults, deformation, wear, corrosion, damage and abnormal conditions are found during the use and inspection of the hanging basket, stop using it immediately, and the hanging basket maintenance personnel will repair and replace the damaged parts and components in time, and it can only be used after inspection and determination. continue to use. It is strictly forbidden to carry “sick” operations on the hanging basket.

27. Before work, you must understand the transportation situation of the last shift of the hanging basket, and check whether the mechanical appliances are normal.

28. Before work, it is necessary to check whether the distribution box, wires, hoist, brake device, and safety lock are safe and reliable. It is strictly forbidden to start the equipment without safety limit and protection devices, and it is strictly forbidden to take artificial measures to keep the safety lock normally open.

29. Before work, it is necessary to check the suspension mechanism, working platform, limit insurance, safety device, and the number of counterweight irons to meet the requirements, whether other accessories are complete, whether the action is sensitive, whether the work is reliable, and whether the parts are fastened. Tighten the baffles of the working platform to be complete and tight. The length of the arm of the hanging basket must meet the requirements of use. Pay special attention to the fixed part of the wire rope. You should also check whether the wire rope has broken wires or loose strands. The wire rope should be guaranteed to be vertical without twisting and expanding.

30. The lifting gondola must be operated with the operating switch, and it is strictly forbidden to start the gondola by pressing the contactor or directly tapping the power supply with hands or other tools.

31. After the test machine is raised one meter from the ground, it will run down, and the operation safety lock can lock the wire rope safely and reliably before it can be put into normal operation, otherwise it should be repaired immediately.

32. When the hoist and the safety lock get stuck on the wire rope during the operation of the hanging basket, stop the machine immediately and report to the relevant personnel for processing. It is strictly forbidden to start the equipment for enforcement.

33. During the lifting process of the hanging basket and when it stops, the working platform should be kept in a vertical state with the suspension mechanism, and it is strictly forbidden to be pulled and stressed.

34. When it is found that the platform is tilted, it should be adjusted in time to keep it level, and the difference between the two sides should not exceed 10CM.

35. Pay attention to the surrounding environment when lifting the gondola, whether the power cord can be pulled off, and whether there are obstacles up and down to ensure safe operation.

36. The construction work can only be carried out when the hanging basket stops at high altitude. During the construction work, the hanging basket, the working platform and the main body of the construction must be reliably connected, and there are no less than two fixed points. And operate the safety lock to lock the safety wire rope to avoid accidents caused by shaking and sliding of the working platform of the hanging basket during operation.

37. It is strictly forbidden for the staff to climb the railings of the working platform, hoists and other operations, and must work on the platform.

38. It is strictly forbidden to use motor brakes and safety lock brakes during normal use.

39. When the safety lock locks the wire rope, it is strictly forbidden to forcibly unlock the safety wire rope to lift the hanging basket under the condition of force, and the safety lock can be opened smoothly only when the safety wire rope is not stressed.

40. After the working wire rope is broken, evacuate the staff under the condition of ensuring safety, and string the wire rope sent down into the hoist. Without unlocking, lift upward as normal, carefully release the safety lock, and then descend to the ground , Strict inspection and repair are allowed to be reused.

41. If the power is cut off during work, turn off the power first to prevent accidents when incoming calls occur.

42. After the hanging platform is fully used, park the hanging platform on the ground, turn off the control box and the main power supply, and wrap the hoist, control box, and safety lock with waterproof items to prevent rainwater from infiltrating.

43. After completion, clean and wipe the fuselage, clean up sundries, clean up tools, fix the platform firmly after completion, and manually operate the safety lock to lock the wire rope.

44. The operator of the hanging platform carefully records the operation records of the hanging platform in detail, and reports the records to the company’s full-time security officer for archiving.

45. Strictly implement the national and local regulations on the safe use of hanging baskets in construction, on-site operation safety measures, labor protection and safe use of electricity and fire protection, and formulate corresponding systems and records according to the project site conditions.

46. When using skateboards to work at heights, an independent safety rope must be set up.

47. Three people must put two safety ropes on the hanging basket.

48. During the construction of the hanging basket, a warning line is set up below, and a warning sign is set up “construction of the hanging basket, no passage below”

49. During the construction of the hanging basket, pull the long steel wire in the hanging basket, and the small tools must be hung on the steel wire.

Routine inspection and maintenance specifications for hanging baskets
1. In order to ensure the safe construction of the hanging basket, the construction site must establish a routine inspection and maintenance system combined by the project manager, the hanging basket operator and the hanging basket maintenance personnel to ensure that the hanging basket is used in a normal and intact state.

2. For new installations, after overhaul, and for hanging platforms that have been idle for one year or suspended in the air for more than two months, they must be inspected and accepted by the hanging platform maintenance personnel before they are used.

3. Whether the main stress-bearing components (suspension platform, suspension mechanism) have permanent deformation, and whether there are cracks in the weld seam.

4. Whether the fasteners at the assembly joints of the components are lost or loose.

5. Whether the suspension mechanism is installed reliably and securely, and whether the counterweight meets the requirements.

7. Whether the wire rope is seriously corroded, whether there are loose strands, kinks or serious broken wires, and whether the wire rope is clamped correctly and reliably.

8. Whether the electrical control system works normally and whether there are cracks in the safety device.

9. Whether the safety lock action is flexible, whether the unlocking and locking functions are normal.

10. Whether the operation of lifting and lowering (including manual sliding) is normal, and whether the gap of the electromagnetic brake meets the requirements.

11. Whether the movement of the moving parts is normal, whether the operation is blocked, whether there is abnormal noise, motor heating or smoking, and burning smell.

12. Whether the reduction box and transmission device are filled or replaced with lubricating oil as required.

13. Whether the limit block and wire rope weight are properly installed as required.

14. When the hanging basket is used after two weeks of work or one month after being out of service, a comprehensive inspection should be carried out on the corrosion, wear, broken wire, loose strands, bending, etc. of the wire rope, and those that meet the scrap standard should be scrapped and replaced.

15. Carry out a comprehensive inspection according to the safety inspection requirements after every two months of work, and check the wear of the electromagnetic brake friction plate and the damage of the cable.

16. The safety lock must be tested and calibrated every six months of work. If the location of each project does not have the conditions, it should be sent to the manufacturer for testing and calibration.

17. Every six months of work, the hoist must be unpacked and inspected by the maintenance personnel of the hanging basket to replace the worn parts.

18. Check the electrical components and wiring reliability of the electrical system every six months.

19. Before the daily operation of the hanging basket, the hanging basket operator must conduct daily inspections on the hanging basket, and make records, evaluate and deal with the equipment status of the hanging basket, and fill in the “Daily Inspection Form of the Hanging Basket”.

20. At the end of work every day, do a good job of cleaning the suspension platform, wire rope and suspension mechanism, and clean up all kinds of garbage, waste materials and mortar impurities attached to the surface.

21. The hanging basket (especially the electrical system) should take waterproof and moisture-proof measures to prevent electrical short circuit caused by moisture and water.

22. The excess steel wire ropes on the ground should be coiled and tied up. After the hanging basket is out of service and removed, all kinds of ropes and cables should be coiled up, the disassembled components should be placed neatly, the connecting parts should be concentrated, and stored properly to prevent mildew, corrosion, deformation and loss. .

23. After each use of the lock stopper of the safety rope, anti-rust oil should be added to the spring to keep the movement flexible.

24. The lubricating oil must be replaced after the first three months of use of the reduction box and the transmission device, and then added once a month, and changed every six months.

25. Add lubricating oil to the active parts of the safety lock once a month.

26. Electrical lines, electrical components and electrical contacts must be kept dry and clean without oily dirt.

27. In the process of safety, daily and regular inspection and operation, if faults, wear or abnormality are found, stop using it immediately and have the hanging basket repaired by the maintenance personnel. It is strictly forbidden to use the hanging basket “with disease”.

28. When the stressed components and vulnerable parts reach the scrap standard, they shall be scrapped and replaced.